3.4. Windows Backup

Backing up windows partitions.

3.4.1. Windows ME/95/98

Verify that the partition is listed in /etc/fstab and is mounted (e.g. /dev/hda1). Mondo will take care of everything else. The files will be archived just like all other files in the live file system. At restore-time, Mondo will take care of the boot sector of /dev/hda1 prior to the restore.

Note: if Windows ME/95/98 is not located on /dev/hda1 or /dev/sda1, then Mondo will not take care of the boot sector of /dev/hda1. The user will have to boot from a DOS floppy and run SYS C: to correct the Windows boot sector.

3.4.2. Windows NT4/2K/XP

Windows NT4/2K/XP typically use the NTFS file system, not VFAT.. The user should use '-x /dev/hda1' (or whichever device the Windows partition resides). Mondo will treat the partition as a biggiefile. Mondo will also add an entry to the mountlist to reflect the size and type of the partition. The user may not edit that partition's size at restore-time (for obvious reasons).

Please bear in mind that Mondo was written for Linux users. If Mondo does not backup or restore your Windows system well, you might want to consider reporting it to the mondorescue mailing list