3.3. Linux Backup

Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux are used primarily as Linux backup and cloning tools. The fall in prices of CD-RW drives and writable discs will allow current users to keep good backups and future users to leverage the cloning capability.

Tape drives are more likely to suit your needs if you run a larger installation (or have lots of MP3's). Warning! OnStream drives do not play well with Mondo. I do not know why. It is, in my opinion, something which OnStream should look into. Mondo uses fopen(), fread(), fwrite() and fclose() to interact with tape drives. That works for most drives but some drives just don't like that. Also, depending on the tape streamer model, a tape should be inserted in the tape drive before starting mondoarchive, otherwise it may not recognize the drive.

Mondo Rescue has been tested thousands of times on various computers. It has worked for them. Thousands of users testify to Mondo's stability and its ease of use. However, please test it on your own system before you rely on it. In fact, do not rely on any software until you have tested it to see if it performs as expected.

To establish that Mondo will behave well in an emergency, please be prepared. Run a test backup as follows:-

Next, restore archives to your live filesystem.

Finally, simulate an emergency restore.

FYI, the subroutines to repartition and reformat your drives are very stable. If you are a RAID or LVM user, you might encounter some difficulties when wiping and restoring from scratch because of the sheer range of filesystem layouts and the impossibility of testing Mondo on every single one. If you have trouble, just drop to the command-line and partition/format manually. Then, call mondorestore, select Interactive Mode, and say 'no' when asked if you want Mondo to partition or format your drives for you.

You see, even if you have trouble, you still have two hands and most of the tools you need - lvchange, pvcreate, fdisk, mkraid, etc. - to do it manually. After you have prepped and formatted your drives manually (if you have to), just run mondorestore again and say 'no' when asked if you want to prep or format your drives. What could be easier?