3.5. Mondo Rescue and Mindi Linux History

Mondo Rescue was created in December 1999 by Hugo Rabson as a utility to clone Linux/Windows installations. Norton Ghost would not do the job, and his boss wanted to jump on the Linux bandwagon. So, he wrote a few scripts and shoehorned them into the latest Linux-Mandrake CD. Since that time, Mondo grew into a disaster recovery suite for Linux and Windows. Mondo forced him to learn about the kernel, its initrd initial ramdisk, modules, library dependencies, disk partitioning, and the myriad differences between the Top 10 Linux distributions.

The first formal release was made on February 18th, 2000. Mondo is currently one of the top five Linux backup/restore programs. Mondo has been compared favorably to ArcServe, Arkeia and BRU. Although Mondo lacks the more advanced, enterprise-level features of ArcServe and Arkeia, for workstations and small- to medium-size servers it is ideal because it is small, fast, efficient, stable, comes with source code, and is being actively developed and supported.

Since November 2005, Hugo Rabson has tranfered the maintenance of the Mondo Rescue suite to Andree Leidenfrost and Bruno Cornec, both previous developers and packagers of the tool since nearly the begining.