7.3. Who should read this?

7.3.1. Insurance

Mondo users who wish to automate the backup and whose backups routinely occupy close to one media are the best audience. If you backup to tape, the occasion will arise when the backup will overflow your tape. In this instance, mondoarchive will ask for another tape. If you're using cron to start the backup, you won't be able to tell mondo that the new tape is mounted and the backup will fail. If you backup to CD-R(W), the same situation will arise but sooner.

7.3.2. Efficiency

If your backup already occupies two media, this method will allow as much of the backup as possible to proceed during quiet periods. Time the backup to start with enough time to complete the first media shortly before the operator arrives for work. The next media can be mounted and the backup completed asap and minimises the time for which users are inconvenienced by the backup (eg. database locked...).